Preparation for Moving

-No gun safes over 700 pounds.
-We do not disconnect or reconnect refrigerators, washers, or dryers.
-Have all furniture cleared off
-Have all pets at another location
-Have boxes marked on the sides as to which room they go in
-Have an idea where the furniture will be placed at the new location
-If any furniture has broken parts or needs special care
(PLEASE inform the movers)
-Have electronics unhooked and boxed
(movers CAN NOT hook up or unhook electronics)
-MUST box all hanging clothes
-MUST box all lamps and shades
-MUST empty night stands and desks
-MUST box electronics and computer equipment
-MUST box all pictures & glass
(including glass & marble table tops & shelves)
-MUST totally empty any furniture made of
pressed wood or particle board
-MUST completely seal all boxes with tape
(movers CAN NOT move boxes if they are not completely sealed)
-CAN haul gas grill, but NOT the propane tank
-CAN leave clothes in dresser, but remove EVERYTHING else
-CAN NOT go in the attic
-CAN NOT rewire the dryer
-CAN NOT unhook gas dryers
-CAN NOT haul chemicals or gas cans
-CAN NOT haul plants unless they are boxed
-CAN NOT take pianos up or down any stairs
-CAN NOT move hot tubs, pool tables or Grand pianos
-CAN NOT move file cabinets unless they are locked or empty
-CAN NOT move jewelry, guns or money - even if
they are boxed or in the furniture
-WILL NOT drain waterbeds - the mattress MUST be boxed
-NO NEED to box the TV ("unless it is a PLASMA or LCD)

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