Is a new office location in your future?

Successfully moving a commercial enterprise is a multi-faced operation. It requires recognizing the needs of the customer, planning to serve those needs economically and satisfactory, communicating the plan to the customer so we can coordinate our efforts and activities, and make available the necessary men and equipment to handle the job according to the predetermined timetable. Through lengthy experience, we have formulated the methods to service and fulfill your requirements.

Commonly asked questions about commercial moves:

Will you be able to move the horizontal file cabinet loaded?

No.   You will need to empty it.   If not, it will bend the cabinet during the move due to the weight of the files.

Will you be able to disassemble and reassemble the desk?

Yes. We will disassemble and reassemble all items and place them in the desired location.

Can you move our computer equipment without boxing it?

No. All electronics must be boxed in order for us to move them.

Can you pack our office for- us if we do not have the time?

Yes. We can send one of our professionally trained crews to pack your entire office or just a few items.  We understand that with a business you can not afford down time to pack the day before the move. We can take care of those needs for you.

Where can I get packing supplies?

At our office location, we stock a full line of packing supplies at a very reasonable price. Click here for pricing and sizes.

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